help with money problems

Everyone should know the dept. management because we are taking money from others for our personal use and we owe them in return. Paying every month interest is our duty, because we took money. managing the dept is very important.

In ccs –credit counselling singapore is the organisation which will guide you in repayment assistance plan and give counselling regarding dept. management. Dept. repayment scheme is the other dept. settlement options. It is the pre-bankruptcy scheme administrated by the official assignee. When they are placed in DRS then the person who owes the money avoid the bankruptcy along with all the restrictions.

What to do, to get placed successfully in DRS

To get successfully places in DRS the person should not have the responsibility of clearing more than 1 lakh 50 thousand and the person should have the regular income, and the person should not phase the bankruptcy in the past 5 years of his life.

Managing the dept. is a great task in one’s life. Taking money from bankroller for our personal use and returning in a proper way is the duty of deptor.  Credit counselling Singapore will give guidelines to manage the dept. paying the bills every month should be done regularly, to know how to pay the bills regularly. create a monthly bill payment note and pay the money, and make at least minimum of payment,  if you pay the money every month regularly then you can avoid paying interest, First you know how to save the money for the dept. , make a plan and stick with the plan. In this way the ccs organisation will guide you in dept. management.