You have completed your Pharmacy technician. It is worthwhile to take the additional step to diversify your career Together with the BLS projecting that technicians can earn more than technicians. Job opportunities are expected to be helpful, particularly. Show potential employers that you are serious about your career.


Is Certification Required?

Career requirements vary from state to state. Most states require that professionals be registered with the state board of pharmacy. Most states do not require technicians to be certified although some states and companies do but voluntary certificate is always encouraged. The fantastic thing is that you ready. You may pursue your certificate through several associations like the ICPT and the PTCB, examinations that are federal are administered by each of which.

What are the Advantages of Certification?

Becoming a certified Pharmacy technician can let you make strides. It is an additional step that demonstrates your dedication. The credentials show that you have is proficient in your own profession and that you have acquired a high level of knowledge. Additionally, it shows that you are dedicated to staying on top of processes and the practices and increasing your knowledge base. Certification can result in opportunities for advancement in addition to employment opportunities.

How Can we Become Certified?

The purpose of Certification is to value the abilities of professionals that are new. Follow these steps to begin:

  1. Such as those – A strong base of processes and concepts in addition to calculations will prepare you.
  2. Subscribe to take the certification examination. To qualify for a certification exam, such the PTCB or ICPT, you want to get a high school diploma or its equivalent and no felony convictions of any type.
  3. Pay the examination fee. Check to determine if this price is covered by your employer.
  4. Study and take the examination

Do we want to Do Anything to keep our Certification?

A certified Pharmacy technician has to be. This includes completing 20 hours of continuing education within the certificate period. It is possible to meet your continuing lam bang cao dang education hours that are required. Pharmacy technician schools provide a fast way to fulfill your education needs. Up to ten hours of continuing education can be got under the supervision and instruction of a pharmacist at work.In todays’ economic you want to take the steps to stick out on your career. There will be plenty of chances as a pharmacy tech. By getting certified, you can improve your career opportunities. It is the ideal way to demonstrate commitment, your dedication and level of experience to prospective and new employers. And take your career to new heights.