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Crushed quartz, coral, or minerals like aragonite are often used as aquarium sand for plant, although they may also be created synthetically from a silica basis. Aside from the lack of sharp edges, aquarium sand has a more uniform shape, making it safer for aquatic life. Your planted tank may be set up using sand as a substrate. 

information about aquarium sand that you didn’t know

However, you may place root tabs into Aquarium Sand for Plants, the substrate to provide nutrients to the living plants since sand does not. For the majority of freshwater aquariums, gravel is the material of choice. By allowing water to pass freely through, gravel helps keep the substrate free from amoebas and germs. 

Is it possible to combine plant substrate with sand?

Mixing substrates is only possible if they have the same grain size. Creating a concrete-like material by combining different grain sizes is possible. However, sand and a coarse substrate may still be used together—Aquarium Sand for Plant can combine substrate with sand. 

Is aquarium gravel suitable as a potting medium for plants?

Container plants may be brightened up by sprinkling aquarium gravel on top of the soil, particularly the brighter variety. Aquarium gravel may be put at the bottom of plant pots to prevent water evaporation. Drainage may usually be achieved with as little as an inch of gravel. That’s all about aquarium sand.