Many popular companies, and many various store brands, offer seal top bags. Reclosable bags are a household necessity found at almost any convenience store. A zipper closure bag is also available from the brand; these zip lock bags have a plastic slider zipper used to close and fasten the bag’s lips.

How are reclosable bags made ?

The polyethylene melted plastic until pliable. It’s then poured into a thin mold in the size and shape of the bag is created. Separate molds used to form the bag closures made of stronger, thicker plastic. The closure segments then adhere to the baggies’ lips. The most famous brand bags are unique.

How does the zipper closure work?

Like puzzle pieces, the tracks on the bag’s lip connect. There is a track for both men and women. The male secures the female, closing it and requiring effort to open the track. The closure is strong enough that the components would not spill out onto the floor the bag held upside down.

The uses of seal bags

Seal-top bags used for everything. Customers are given them by bakeries to reclose a bag of cookies. Chip bags, grape bags, and salad mixes all use seal top baggies, and hundreds of other manufacturers invest in reclosable bags to keep their products fresher and more efficient.

Heat-sealed or shrink-wrapped bags are effective seals, but they are not resealable or reclosable like zip lock bags. Not all, but the majority of zip lock bags designed to reseal and reused multiple times. As a result, both the bag and the tethered locking devices made of durable materials.