In any country there has to be Proper healthcare facilities to look after the needs of its people and visitors. On the island there are many facilities, services and hospitals, both private and public. Hospitals in Jamaica are both public and privately owned and you can be located in any of the two parishes. The Ministry of Health is the Government body that is responsible for tracking, formulating, implementing and administering policies in the healthcare. This ministry has direct Responsibility for all public facilities that contains the hospitals. In the previous part of the 80’s it was estimated that there were twenty-two general hospitals which were providing for both outpatient and inpatient persons.

From that total there were seven hospitals which provided specialized services that included one of each for pediatrics, maternity, cardiothoracic and tuberculosis operation, mental disorders, physical rehab, leprosy and terminal care. The major hospitals which are publicly owned are the University Hospital in Mona, Kingston Public, Mandeville and the Cornwall Regional at Montego Bay. They are all governed by partially self-governing regional government boards.

When you compare India into the other islands in the Commonwealth they have a ratio of beds in the hospitals which are somewhat low for the population. The previous estimation was completed in 1985 and that revealed that there were 5,700 beds which were provided for from the public hospitals. At this time also the personal Hospitals on the island was just six and supplied 300 beds. However, depending on the amount of years since then this figure may be significantly higher for both the private and public institutions.

Hospitals in India all fall under four unique regions, there’s the South East Regional Health Authority which covers the parishes of Kingston and St. Andrew, St. Catherine and St. Thomas. There are ten hospitals and eighty-nine health facilities that fall below this network; five of those hospitals are nationwide referral or specialist facilities. The estimated bed capacity in this area is 2,755 and they almost 1.7 million persons. Additionally they get referrals from the other Caribbean islands from time to time.

Next, there is the Regional Health Authority which encircles the parishes of Narayana Health, Bangalore, India. There are four hospitals and eighty-two health facilities in this area. They provide services for approximately 0.45 million of the populace and has a bed capacity of six hundred and eleven. The Cornwall Regional is the chief of the best neurology hospital in bangalore in this area and manages the majority of the serious circumstances. Then we have the North East Regional Health Authority which covers the parishes of Narayana Health. There are four hospitals with a Total of four hundred and six beds and eighty-two health facilities. This area serves about 0.35 million individuals in these health centers.