In Baku and across Azerbaijan, our business has dominated the market for renting and selling wagon containers for more than ten years, both in terms of the level of customer satisfaction we provide and the level of service we provide. provides a number of modification options for VIP container rentals to best fit your demands. Apply as soon as possible to acquire a low-cost container. Our office can sell you any iron wagon or container.

Although containers are most typically used for the transportation of freight, they may also be repurposed as temporary homes or places of business. Baku Container offers a hassle-free and inexpensive way to get the additional space you want without requiring you to sign a contract for an extended period of time when you rent cargo containers from them. In addition, our warm and welcoming office staff will be there to help you through each stage of the process so that you may make the most of our superior customer service that is available around the clock.

Containers may be purchased and rented in Baku and around the country

We provide sandwich panel canteens, both new and secondhand, at costs that are quite competitive in the market. Our one-of-a-kind container offers a comfortable place to work that is also secure and well-organized. To put it another way, the optimal office solution tailored to the requirements of your organization.

Sandwich panels of the highest quality are used in the construction of our containers. We take care of their installation, transportation, and delivery across the Baku region as well as to other areas. Our components are used in the building of container homes, sanitary junctions, and modular constructions of the highest possible quality.

At least six years of experience in the container services industry

Container offices are becoming more popular in terms of ergonomics and design in today’s market since they are quicker and simpler to transport, install, and dismantle than traditional office buildings.

These containers, which may be made out of a number of different materials and come in a variety of sizes, are ones that we provide. It is possible to utilize them as prefabricated residences, container cafes, sanitary junctions, depots, bio-toilet containers, warehouses, and other similar establishments.

We are the market leader in offering alternatives for renting or buying wagon containers, and these options are based on the customer’s preferences and requirements. Simply dial the number printed on the box to have a conversation with an experienced member of our team.

Would you be interested in living in a home made from containers that was designed to match your interests and goals? With the support of Baku Container, your goals, such as selling container dwellings, could become a reality.

Because they are simple to build and transport, modular houses, whether they are prefabricated or built within shipping containers, are an excellent option for satisfying your requirements. A wide variety of shipping containers are regularly purchased as well as rented at our warehouse.

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