Crab king

Seafood is one of the highest trading commodities in the global market, with over two hundred billion spent on average every year. This should come as no surprise, considering that most meals served consist of some kind of seafood.

And one of the fastest-moving seafood items is the crabs. An aquatic organism that you must be very familiar with, the King crab has an extended set of loyal consumers. Crabs originally belong to the family of crustaceans; these decapods are called so due to their possession of five pairs, meaning ten thoracic legs! They are classified under the infraorder of the Brachyura.

An Alaskan beauty, the king crabs, are predominantly found on the coasts of the Bering Sea. And brought to you, all the way here. This packet contains an average of one kilogram of meat that is securely packed and transported with utmost care.

A popular preference,  crab king singapore, is sought after for its meat that severely lacks the content of saturated fat. This mouth-watering flesh is easy to cook and falls apart under your hands at the slightest pressure. Imagine that.

With a regal appearance that promises deliciously flavorful flesh under its exterior, the King crab legs also promise to hold more meat than your average crabs. The legs are pre-cooked to a certain extent, making the entire process more seamless and convenient.

Pick the dish you want to make, gather the ingredients, and get cooking right away to enjoy a wholesome evening meal.