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Over 900 people visited each of Apple’s first two stores in their first 2 days when they initially opened in 2001, at Tyson’s Corner Galleria in McLean, Maryland, and the Glendale Pavilion in Southern California. This was more than 20 years ago. In a warehouse close to its Cupertino campus, Apple constructed a full-scale sneer of a complete Apple shop for test floor layouts ahead of their big debuts. At the time, opening retail shops was a major risk for Apple, iphone store singapore, especially for a business that’s been on the verge of bankruptcy just a few years prior.

iPhone store singapore

The Apple store’s success was not assured. Many individuals might be unaware that the businesses encountered a few roadblocks along the way. For instance, the Genius Bar, which is today famous and notoriously difficult to acquire a reservation for, failed during its first year. A week after the Apple shop was supposed to open, Apple abandoned its initial retail layout, which is a little-known fact. We’ve designed it as a retail shop around items, but if Apple is going to organize around activities such music and movies, then, the store must be organized around movies and music and things you do, said Ron Johnson, President of Retail Companies, to Jobs at the time. The decision delayed the opening of the stores but also produced the beloved Apple stores we have today. Instead of just offering product stock for browsing, Apple stores encourage visitors to learn more about what Apple goods can achieve for them.