The act of ageism or discrimination is when you are treated unfavorably because of your age. It is very difficult to find work over the age of 50. What are you to do and if you’ve spent years honing your skills and qualifications, you may be shocked at difficulties in finding employment. It may be one of the following situations.

Direct discrimination

You may not be promoted by your employer if you are too old.

Indirect discrimination

age discrimination in the workplace definition

This could constitute indirect ageism in singapore since it could exclude older employees if your employer offers training courses only to recent graduates.


It can be offensive if colleagues make jokes about your age or if you are accompanied by someone whose age is offensive, such as a partner.

Steps to take to deal with ageism in the

  • More companies are now opting for employment practices liability insurance as well as creating a more diverse, inclusive work environment to prevent age discrimination. Employer’s liability insurance covers wrongful termination, discrimination, and retaliation.
  • The study suggested that employers could gain from offering additional insurance plans as well as providing workforce training sessions that expose cases of discrimination and make employees aware of overt and subtle forms of ageism that can permeate a workplace.
  • And also, organizations should enhance their strategies for detecting instances of bias by frequently conducting anonymous employee surveys to assess the extent of ageism in the workplace.
  • Employers should remember to respond promptly and investigate complaints thoroughly if a complaint is filed.